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In the Spring of 2011, we were graciously invited to visit Casa Herradura and select a barrel of their fine Reposado. Who could say no? We're glad we didn't; the gracious hospitality of our host Ruben and the entire crew at Herradura was unparalleled. We've never felt more at home. Thank you Herradura!

Learn more about Herradura, and more about our trip:

The Herradura storyBefore you read the story of our trip to Herradura's world-renowned hacienda, learn a little about Herradura's background. It starts over 140 years ago, and includes tales of faith, family, and federales, of spirits and treasure, and of a century-long commitment to making the finest tequila possible. Learn More »


Our trip to HerraduraIf you ever have the chance to visit Amatitán, the home of Herradura's Hacienda San José del Refugio, you will be astounded by the magical beauty, the sense of mystery and history, and the exceptional hospitality. We certainly were. Join us on our journey. Learn More »


About HerraduraOver one hundred years of history, millons of Blue Agave plants, and thousands of man-hours by skilled Jimadores and other workers are behind every bottle of Herradura, the only tequila allowed to call itself "all natural", thanks to their unique production process. Learn More »