Hand Selected Spirits


The enjoyment of fine wine and spirits is a journey. We often think of this as a journey from the field or vineyard to the bottle, Our Missionbut it really is much, much more. As one delves more deeply into the subtle differences between different makers' interpretations of the same style of wine, beer, or fine spirit, one inevitably becomes curious about the place it was made, the people behind it, and their histories. The finest wines and spirits are created in special places, by special people.

That's what HandSelectedSpirits.com is all about - the journey from the hearts, minds, and hands of world class vineyards, distillers, and brewers, all the way to the glass on your table, and the experiences that these fine beverages bring to you and your friends.

With over twenty years experience retailing fine wine and spirits, we decided it was time to go straight to the source when we can, meet the artists and craftspeople that devote their lives to producing these fine products, and when possible, select our own barrels or batches. And then bring them to you.