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“Zaya Rum is a marrying of various Caribbean & Latin rum styles,
which is very symbolic of Trinidad’s own cultural diversity and style.”
~ Carol Homer, Master Blender for Zaya Rum

To enjoy Zaya Gran Reserva rum, all you need is a snifter, or your favoured glass for sipping. You don't need to know that it recently received a Double Gold in the Top Fifty Premium Aged Enjoying ZayaRum Tasting held in NYC, or that it is crafted with premium blackstrap molasses, purified water and the same strain of yeast that has been used for over 60 years, or that it's distilled in a state-of-the-art, five column continuous still, master blended, and matured 12 years in American "once used" white oak bourbon barrels that are lighlty charred, and then "hyper chill filtered" for clarity in the style of fine scotches before being bottled. But the story behind what makes a spirit unique is part of the pleasure, so we've included all this info below. As well as some cocktail ideas here, if you're not the sipping type.

Black StrapMost of the rum distilled in the world is made from molasses. Zaya Rum uses Black Strap Molasses which has a low sucrose content & is high in vitamins &

WATER QUALITYThe water used for Zaya Rum goes through an intricate 4 stage purification process.First there is a two-stage filtration through sand, then carbon, followed by a reverse osmosis, with the final step of de-ionization

FERMENTATION & YEASTWhile some rum producers allow wild yeast to perform the fermentation, most use specific strains of yeast to help provide a consistent taste and predictable fermentation time. Zaya Rum uses a 60 year old strain of yeast that is kept at a yeast bank in London to secure continuity – it is a slower-working yeast that causes more esters to accumulate during fermentation, allowing for fuller-tasting rum.

DISTILLATIONYou will often hear rum afficionados talking about "pot stills". Pot stills are still used by a few small rum producers who produce rum in small batches. The disadvantage is that each batch may vary and high volume production is not always feasible To produce consistent high quality aged rum, Zaya is distilled in a stainless steel five column still with copper coils/condensers.

WOOD BARRELS Many rum producers will use a wide variety of methods and barrels to create their rum. Previously used whiskey or bourbon barrels are most common, and most producers will re-use the barrels numerous times, sometimes re-charring in an attempt to achieve desired results. Zaya rum is aged for 12 years or more in “once used” 40 gallon white oak bourbon barrels that have been lightly charred.

About Aging

By law, if a spirit is imported to the U.S. and there is an age statement, the age must reflect the age of the youngest spirit in the bottle. The youngest rum in the Zaya Rum proprietary blend is 12 years old. During the aging process approximately 2.8% of rum is absorbed by the wood in addition to a 0.5% evaporation rate per month we know as “The Angel’s Share.” To compensate, Zaya Rum barrels are topped off with rum of the same age annually.

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