Hand Selected Spirits

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Blending is where the magic behind Zaya rum’s world class taste takes place. The blending process is the most important phase, and takes hands on involvement from the Master Blender at every level. In the blending process alone, Zaya Rum is “10 times” tasted and tested before it is bottled and then tasted and tested again after bottling to assure the highest standards are met.

In order to match the Zaya Benchmark for its proprietary blend, the Master Blender must go through the following steps:

Hand select the aged rums

This hands on process takes over one week to complete for each small batch blending,

Small batch blending

Once a barrel has been selected and deemed worthy of the Zaya standard, each individual barrel is poured out by hand for blending with the other hand
selected rums, to optimize the selection process and maximize quality control.


After the blending process the rums are rested in a marrying process for an undisclosed period of time until the MB is satisfied it meets her demanding requirements.

Hyper chill filtration

Before bottling, the rum goes through a hyper-chill filtration (to -4 degrees C) to enhance and assure clarity and brilliance of Zaya rum. This process is common in the blending of fine Scotch whisky and unique for Zaya. Once chilled, the rum is filtered in small batches through a filter rack using 25 pulp pads and
then rested, tested and tasted once more prior to bottling.


Color: Deep rich Mahogany hue with touches of auburn & gold
Nose: Tahitian Vanilla, warm butterscotch, brown sugar and maple aromas
Body: Voluptuously full bodied with great balance
Palate: Smooth velvet textures with a round mouth feel
Taste: Vanilla bourbon and caramel like flavors with a touch of honey
Finish: Smooth lingering finish that leaves you wanting more