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Why We're Planning A Trip To Trinidad

So far, the only journey made has been that of some fine Zaya rum to our store. But the story behind why we decided not only to add Zaya Rum to our selection, but to make a trip to Trip To Zaya's Trinidad FacilityZaya's facilities in Trinidad and explore the idea of securing our own hand-selected barrel began like many stories do. With a couple of people having a friendly conversation while enjoying some fine spirits. In this case, those couple of people were Brian Albertson of Infinium Spirits, and our own Joe Kouza. Brian made the trip from Chicago to visit Joe after an introduction via Great Lakes Wine and Spirits' Mike Herman. The rest was inevitable. As Joe puts it, "I knew from the first minute I spoke to these guys from Zaya that they were genuine and passionate about what they're doing. And I loved the rum, so that helped a little!" Interestingly, Brian said almost exactly the same thing in a separate dialog about how things shaped up, saying of Joe that "it was clear within the first five minutes that he truly had a very unique creative vision and an immense passion for Zaya. Not only the brand, but the history, distillery, aging process and even the soil in Trinidad. I have been in the business for 24 years and had not seen this level of intense passion before..."

Okay, so it's clear that Joe and the gentleman from Zaya - Brian Albertson and Tate Troelstrup - are on the same page about producing and enjoying a fine product. So let's explore a little about Trinidad, fine rum, and what sets Zaya apart from other fine rums.

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